How to Publish into Yammer


By Erik Ayers

updated about 1 year ago

1. A MicroSoft Office 365 network administrator needs to make sure that "3rd party Applications" is enabled in the Admin Panel for Yammer.

2. Create a new user called with the name "GoodSeeker Stories" and an email account for user

3. Have this new user create a GoodSeeker account, and then make them an administrator for GoodSeeker. by navigating to _Settings/Manage Users_ and select "admin" for the new user.

4. Log into GoodSeeker as the new user, navigate to _Settings/Integrations_ and connect to Yammer. All they need to do is log into their Yammer account when redirected from

5. All new Stories shared by users on your domain will now be posted into the All Channel within Yammer

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