List of core company Features.


By Erik Ayers

updated over 2 years ago

* **A personal brand benefit **- Employees keep stories and their account forever.
* **Recognition and appreciation** - People named feel great.
* ** Inclusive and transparent** - People named can add others so no one is left out.
* **Gather multiple perspectives** - People named can add their thoughts, and add others to the story.
* **Engagement reporting** - Identify active ambassadors; top authors, etc.
* **See a story pipeline** - Get notifications, alerts, approvals, etc.
* **Publish everywhere** - Slack, Yammer, RSS, social media.
* **Customizable** - Add or remove story word triggers, story steps, etc.
* **Outside testimonial generator** - Make it easy for outsiders; get permission to share.
* **Build stakeholder loyalty** - Add third-parties to stories; gather their thoughts too.
* **Have fun seeking stories** - Launch story-seeking games with announcements.
* **Encourage employer reviews** - Provide the option to post online reviews after story is made public.

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