Problem: People are not Request a Story emails.

Some emails are set to send from the user’s actual email because we want the recipient to have max trust AND it makes more sense going from the author vs. “the platform generally.”  Request a story is one of those.  

In cases where customer has not set up custom DNS settings to use their own domain for communications within GoodSeeker, some mail platforms will flag these emails for failing to meet their DMARC policy.  In this case emails are undelivered. Google is one of those platforms. This affects and gsuite domains.

Solution - Customer should set up custom DNS mail settings. We provide instructions and TXT / CNAME records that can be shared with IT. Request via email to When configured the following rules apply:

  1. Direct emails such as “Request a Story” are sent from the actual users’s email.  
  2. Indirect emails from the platforms to all users such as “A New Was Story Published” will come from the email customer ads as the default sender in mail settings. When a default email has not been set these emails will come from