Reinforce values. Those words on your company wall mean something. GoodSeeker brings them to life.

Be innovative. Every good idea deserves to be heard. Stories that highlight good practices and new ideas can now be shared easily. 

Attract talent. Authentic content can be used by recruiting and marketing to show candidates the complete story of who and what makes your workplace special. 

Attract customers. Prospective customers love a good story about teams who rise to the occasion.

Build reputation. When employees and customers share GoodSeeker stories it makes you look pretty good, and it's true! They even get a chance to share their views on social media and review sites.

Voice of employees. Support transparency and authenticity with GoodSeeker. Give employees a way to share their take on the things they value most in the workplace. 

Find ambassadors. Identify employees who do their part to charge up culture and promote your brand regardless of level or role. 

Build loyalty. When third parties (customers, partners, vendors, etc.) are named in stories by your employees it builds a deeper connection.