By default stories have 5 parts. We have determined that these parts ensure the story has meaning.  You have the option to hide steps to make them shorter (not recommended).  You can also enable two additional steps. Visit Settings to See Steps 

  • People - Every story has a human at the center!  Authors do have the option to publish a story as "One for All." (required)
  • Values - This one is easy. Consider weaving in your own values.  
  • Vibes - How the story makes the author feel.  Ahh - a little emotion at work. It's cool. 
  • Skills - Capture skills and talents.
  • Media - Pick an image, upload an image, record a video. You can add filters, text, etc. 

--------------------- Optional ----------------------

  • Teams - Use this to associate stories with groups, departments, locations, etc.  It is interesting to see how stories connect groups. (optional)
  • Challenges - Good if you are trying to highlight lessons learned, or capture stories about how you help clients, customers, etc. (optional)