Email Sending Domain Defaults

GoodSeeker sends emails to users and guests when certain events happen. Two Examples:

  1. When a user requests a story from someone else we want the recipient to get the email from the requestor:
  2. In the case of notifying all users that a new story was published the sending domain can be a general address:

Default Sender: Default emails are delivered from "" and ""

👍 You can set up GoodSeeker so emails are sent from your domain by following the steps below. 

Recommended Whitelist

  • Add * to your spam filters.

Configure Your Email Domain

Option 1 (recommended)

Add CNAME records to your domain host.

  • Go to Email Deliverability as an admin and enter your domain to generate CNAME records. Add those records to your domain host. 
  • Verify the settings from the Deliverability Page. This may take up to 24 hours. 
  • Next, create a new email address as your default sending address and update on the Deliverability Page as shown below.

Option 2 - You can send emails from your own SMTP.