There are two types of publishers in GoodSeeker, Users and Guests.

Users - People on your team who share a common email domain and create an account on GoodSeeker. They can publish stories and view stories when logged in. You can invite people who are not part of your organization to be Users as well, i.e. contractors, agencies, board members, etc. Users can keep track of the stories they publish, or stories that mention them. 

Guests - People who are not directly on your team and who do not have an email address with your domain. They can publish stories using unique links that you share, buttons that you add to your site, etc. Guests may include volunteers, donors, partners, customers, and other external stakeholders. 

What can Users do when publishing a story?

  • Can they publish a story and mention other users? Yes they can select other users who will get notified when a story mentions them.
  • Can they publish a story and mention Guests? (volunteers, donors, etc.)? Yes. They can add a Guest to a story using the guest’s email address.
  • Can they publish a story without mentioning someone? Yes. Naming someone is optional. 
  • Can they publish a story on behalf of someone else? Yes. An Admin User can change the Author of a story after it is published. 

What can Guests do when publishing a story?

  • Does a Guest need to sign up before submitting a story? No. We simply ask for their contact info before they submit the story. 
  • Who gets the story when a Guest submits it? At this time all Master Admins will be notified and have the ability to approve it. 
  • Is it required that an Admin approve a Guest story before Users see it? Yes. 
  • Can a Guest name one of our team members (A User) in a story? Yes. If you enable the story step allowing Guests to name Users from your Directory.
  • Can a Guest name another Guest in a story? Yes. Guests can add other Guests if they have their email address.
  • Can a Guest submit a story and ask us to promote it as Anonymous? Yes, they have the option to anonymize their name, organization, or title. But you will still get their contact information for follow-up.